The Butter Half Shop!

You guys. This moment in The Butter Half history is kind of a big dill! I am absolutely thrilled to announce that The Butter Half shop is open. It’s the world’s punniest shop, where you can buy your favorite food pun tees and totes.

The totes are perfect for your summer farmer’s market hauls. You’ll have people saying, “I love your bag! That’s hilarious!” They are also great for reusable grocery store bags.

The Butter Half Shop!

As for the tees, well, it’s obvious how awesome they are. You can choose from eight of my best puns. The best-seller right now is the Let’s Avocuddle Tee and for good reason. (Do you want to be the big spoon or little spoon?) My personal favorite, however, is the #baegoals Tee. It’s more than just a shirt, people— it’s a motto, a way of life for the millenials! And who doesn’t love bagels?

Would love for you to go check out the shop! Use code MISOHAPPY10 for 10% off your entire purchase, which is valid through Wednesday 11:59pm PST.

Thanks a melon and happy shopping!

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