Herb infused oils in two mason jars

Herb Infused Oils Recipe - How to Make Herbal Oil Infusions with Dried Herbs

How to make herb infused oils with dried herbs. This tutorial is great for body and skin care products and herbal infused cooking oils.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
Author Abbey Rodriguez



  • Add herbs to a clean mason jar. Pour oil over the top of the dried herbs, covering completely. Repeat this with as many variations and oils that you want.
  • Secure lid on jars and let sit for 3-6 weeks in a windowsill. Check regularly to make sure the oil is clean. (Do not keep if it is rancid or moldy.)
  • Once oils are ready, strain into glass jars. To do this, get a glass bowl, nut milk bag, and a sieve. Place the nut milk bag in the sieve on top of the bowl. Pour the herb oils contents of the jar entirely in the bag. Squeeze until all oil is out, and has strained cleanly through the sieve. Placing the funnel atop a clean mason jar mouth, transfer the prepared herb infused oil. Store in a cool dry, place. Use as needed.


Herb infused oils keep up to one year if stored properly in a cool, dark place.