5 Easy Recipes to Use Up Food Before Moving

If you subscribe to my email list, then you may have heard the news … we are MOVING! And since moving with little kids and a pantry and refrigerator full of food is somewhat daunting and panic-inducing, I’ve compiled 5 easy recipes to use up food before moving. You’re welcome!

5 Easy Recipes to Use Up Food Before Moving

  1. Everything Omelettes. Chances are you have a large container of eggs sitting in the fridge. Grab all the leftover veggies, onions, and cheese and throw them all in an omelette. This is also a good way to use remaining sauces. Mix them into the bowl with the eggs for a boost of flavor.
  2. Everything Stir Fry. Time to pull out the frozen chicken and alllll the veggies. Throw them in a skillet with olive oil (you probably won’t be able to move the half-used bottle), and test out the leftover marinades in your fridge.
  3. Salads. Use whatever greens, fruits, veggies, and cheese remain. Throw in a bowl and toss!
  4. Fruit Toast. Use up your remaining loaves and make fruit toast! You can use yogurt or almond butter as a spread, and then top with leftover fruits.
  5. Loaded Quesadillas. This one is a personal favorite for getting rid of cheese, meat, and sauces. Throw your tortillas in a skillet over medium heat, and heap on the toppings!

5 Easy Recipes to Use Up Food Before Moving | meal ideas during a move | recipe ideas to prepare for a move | tips for a cross country move | moving cross country tips || The Butter Half via @thebutterhalf

I guess I should tell you where we are moving, yeah? Okay, fine. If you insist.

We are moving to …

Washington D.C.!!!

All the way from Southern California! I’m insanely excited to get there in time for the beautiful fall foliage. And I hear the D.C. food scene is BANANAS amazing.

As for now, we have movers, so my stress level isn’t off the charts. And if you’re moving, I hope it’s going well, too! Be sure to try these 5 easy recipes to use up food before moving, so you can relax and enjoy some easy family meals.

P.S. If there’s no time to eat up all the perishable food that can’t be moved, donate it to your friends and family nearby!


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